• De Leon steps in to challenge Marks for 559 Fights gold

    VISALIA, Calif. – Undefeated 559 Fights Welterweight Champion Garrett Marks will put his title on the line Saturday at Visalia’s Holiday Inn against Visalia’s own Jonathan De Leon.

    De Leon stepped in on short notice after an injury forced Farmersville’s Jeffrey Lewis from the fight.

    Tickets start at just $20 and can be purchased at Nutrishop Visalia on Mooney Blvd. in the InShape City parking lot.

    Doors open at 6:00 p.m. and fights start at 7.

    “It was unfortunate that Lewis was injured, but I was really excited when Jonathan decided to move up in weight and take the fight to keep it a local fight,” said 559 Fights President Jeremy Luchau. “De Leon fights locally at Vitruvian Fight and Fitness and they’re an up-and-coming gym with some great talent. It was a blessing to not have to go outside of our area for a fighter.”

    Marks has compiled a 4-0 record, fighting in several different weight classes and will be defending his title for the first time.

    “Garrett is one of those guys that is on the brink of moving on to the pro-circuit,” Luchau said. “I expect both guys to do more slugging in this fight than wrestling. It’s an excellent main event under the circumstances.”

    559 Fights has 10 bouts scheduled at the Holiday Inn and features a pair of 559 Fights featherweight tournament bouts.

    Bakersfield featherweight Holt Felkins (4-0-1) takes on Escalon’s Steven Ronneburg (3-1) and Visalia’s Devon Chavez (2-2) battles Coalinga’s Domingo Ramirez (2-0).

    “We’ve had a huge amount of turnover with our champions moving on to the pro level and I felt like there wasn’t a clear cut pair of fighters I wanted to have fight for a title,” Luchau said.

    “There was a handful of guys worthy of the shot, so what better way to settle it than to have them compete against one another.”

    The winners of the two semifinals will square off for the 559 Fights Featherweight Title on January 16th, 2015 at the Lemoore Recreation Center at 559 Fights 32.

    559 Fights will also put Bakersfield bantamweight Marcel Cyprian (6-2) against Alex Valencia (4-2) in a bantamweight semifinal.

    “I wanted to do the same thing in the 135-pound weight class, but we had some injuries and have had to move one of the semifinals to our December event in Fresno,” Luchau said.

    “But the bantamweight semifinal we do have on deck between Cyprian and Valencia is an amazing bout. This could certainly be a title fight.”

    Like the 145-pound tournament, the semifinalists will square off in Lemoore in January.

    Weighins will be held at CrossFit West Visalia at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning. Weighins are free and open to the public.

    VIP Tables, Front Row seats and VIP Packages are still available and can be purchased by calling 559-813-0307.

    In other bouts;

    -Ceres flyweight Mike Tubera (5-1) vs. Fresno’s Carlos Hernandez (5-3).

    -Fresno light heavyweight James Porter (0-0) vs. Fresno’s Daniel Manriques (0-0).

    -Fresno welterweight Dustin Toby (0-1) vs. Lindsay’s Ignacio Guzman (0-0).

    -Visalia featherweight Diego Orozco (0-0) vs. Ridgecrest’s Brandon O’Baker (0-0).

    -Visalia lightweight Brandon Jacobo (0-0) vs. Farmersville’s Miguel Quiroz (0-0).

    -Ridgecrest lightweight Victor Rico (2-1) vs. Farmersville’s Frank Salazar (0-0).


    Phuc Vasquez defeats Matthew Beasley by unanimous decision

    Jesse Soto defeats Patrick Baker by RNC at 0:47 of rd 3

    Juliano Tovar defeats Dustin Toby at 1:41 of rd 2 by guillotine choke

    Hugo Lopez defeats Bryant Franklin Junior at 0:47 of rd 3 by guillotine choke

    Jesse Ledezma defeats Rudy Soto III at 1:24 of rd 1 by arm bar

    Mefi Monterroso defeats Ricardo Sanchez by split decision

    Samuel Fierro defeats Aaron Warnke at 1:18 of rd 3 by RNC

    Steven Bolinger defeats Juan Campos at 1:44 of rd 1 by RNC

    Luis Vargas defeats Eric Diaz by unanimous decision and retains his lightweight title

    Jesse James defeats Leo Cantu at 0:18 of rd 1 by modified arm bar

  • Cantu, James headline 559 Fights return to The Big Fresno Fair

    FRESNO, Calif. – 559 Fights will once again drop it’s cage on the infield of The Big Fresno Fair Horse Track for one of the largest amateur mixed martial arts event of the year on Sunday, October 5.

    Kerman’s Leo Cantu faces Fresno’s Jesse James in one of the biggest amateur showdowns of the season.

    Cantu (10-3-1) is the No. 1 ranked Light Heavyweight in the state and has been one of the veteran’s of the amateur circuit and faces the No. 2 ranked Middleweight in the state in James (5-1), who moves up a weight class to test himself.

    “As 559 Fights has grown, so has the talent pool within Central California,” said 559 Fights President Jeremy Luchau. “This is our 30th event in less than three years and for us to be able to host the quality of fighters that we are now is a blessing.”

    559 Fights will be live and free as one of The Big Fresno Fair’s top attractions for the 2014 fair. Fight tickets are free with paid admission into the fair.

    “We have anywhere between 3,500 to 5,000 people walk through the gates and watch 559 Fights last year,” Luchau said. “We had an amazing event and exposed a lot of people to the sport and our athletes that might not have been able to see them under different circumstances. I really appreciate and respect the fair for believing in our product and sharing it within the fair community.”

    Doors open at 7 p.m. and the first fight is at 8.

    In the co-main event, 559 Fights Lightweight champion Luis Vargas (7-2) defends his title for the first time against Tulare’s Eric Diaz (4-3).

    “Vargas came in and shocked the Valley when he won the title. He proved that he is one of the top athletes in the state and is now a finalist in the state tournament along with defending his title at 559 Fights,” Luchau said. “Diaz is a guy who has always fought tough fights and the best we had to offer. It will be interesting to see which fighter can impose their will.”

    13 other bouts are also scheduled on the fight card, which includes some of the Central Valley’s top amateur talent.

    Reserve seating, front-row seating and VIP tables are available. Call 559-813-0307 for more information.

    For more information about 559 Fights visit www.559fights.com

    559 oct5 poster300 193x300 Cantu, James headline 559 Fights return to The Big Fresno Fair

  • Torres retains bantamweight title – 559 Fights 28 Results

    Visalia, Calif. – 559 Fights returned to Recreation Park to end their summer series. Where the reigning bantamweight champion Anthony Torres defend his title against Aaron Warnke.
    Torres came out hard and aggressive locking in a guillotine choke on Warnke. Warnke showed why he is nicknamed “the Wild man” lasting most of the round in the hold.

    The second round had Warnke going for a guillotine of his own. Torres escaped and controlled the round getting takedowns and going for submissions.

    Warnke attempted to take control in the third going for a guillotine again but Torres escaped had some submission attempts of his own and the fight went to the judge’s scorecards.

    Anthony Torres gets the unanimous decision victory and retains the 559 Fights bantamweight title.

    Both Carlos Hernandez and Mefi Monterroso came out swinging but Hernandez missed a punch, then took a punch from Monterroso but scored a takedown on the way down. Both fighters were back on their feet and working in the clinch when Hernandez slams Monterroso to the mat. Hernandez goes from submission to submission but he can’t pull it off ending the first round.

    Hernandez took control in the second round scoring a takedown and working to mount but he can’t put Monterroso away with his ground and pound.

    In the third round, Monterroso hit a judo throw and does a lot in the round from scoring a takedown to working in guard but it wasn’t enough. Hernandez takes the unanimous decision victory over Monterroso.

    Eric Diaz came out like a flash against Bryant Franklin Jr. Getting to the clinch and scored a takedown. Diaz worked to gain full mount then taking Franklin’s back sinking in the rear-naked choke at 1:45 in the first round.
    Jonathan De Leon came out striking and landed some solid shots in the first round against Bernabe Herrera. He also went for an armbar but Herrera was able to escape and they kept fighting to end the round.
    They both came out swinging with De Leon using more of the clinch to inflict damage. On the ground De Leon took Herrera’s back and worked for a rear-naked choke applying some ground and pound but Herrera ended up in De Leon’s guard at the end of the second round.

    Herrera came out striking but kept missing while De Leon hit a takedown but ended up on his back. De Leon escaped and took Herrera’s back and they worked back to the clinch. De Leon worked for a takedown to end the fight.
    Jonathan De Leon gets the split decision win over Bernabe Herrera.
    Both Edgar Loza and Ernesto Zamaro go into the clinch. They hit the ground and Loza ends up in side control and uses effective striking against Zamaro. Loza continued to land ground and pound strikes Zamaro’s face eventually knocking him out at 1:41 in the first round.
    Jefferson Banaag used his lethal kicks against Cesar Portillo, but Portillo avoided the kicks by using his takedowns and clinch game for most of the first round.
    During the second round, Portillo clinched after a failed kick by Banaag. The ref took a point from Portillo for grabbing the cage during the clinch. Portillo showed his toughness after being glanced by a kick and working into the clinch.
    Banaag used his fists in the beginning of the third round but Portillo landed harder more accurate punches. That caused Banaag to go back to using his kicks to avoid Portillo’s punches. In the finals frames of the fight Banaag went for a kick but Portillo avoided it.
    Cesar Portillo gots the majority decision over Jefferson Banaag.
    Jeffery Lewis scored a takedown and ended up in the closed guard of Fabian Luevano. After a brief scramble Lewis ended up in full mount, Luevano worked to half guard then guard. While Lewis was striking like a wild man in guard then Lewis took Luevano’s back and tried for a rear-naked choke then transitioned for an armbar to finish the first round of action.
    Lewis got a takedown early and worked to take Luevano’s back. From there Lewis gets to full mount landing some ground and pound, Luevano tried to escapes to guard to end the round.
    The third round and another Lewis takedown, Lewis continued to work on the ground getting to full mount. Luevano still fighting back and gets to Lewis’s guard and starts using the ground and pound to end the fight but it goes to the judge’s scorecards.
    Jeffery Lewis gets the decision victory.
    Modesto Rivas and Juan Lujan came out swinging to start. When they weren’t striking they worked in the clinch until Rivas got a takedown and tried to lock in a rear-naked choke. Lujan reversed and started pounding away on Rivas to end the round.
    The second round started with a bang as Lujan connected sending Rivas to the canvas. Lujan continued to work with strikes and then sinks in a guillotine choke. After adjusting the choke Rivas taps out giving Lujan the win at 1:09.
    Jesus Lopez and Victor Rico exchanged strikes but Lopez displayed the better skill on the feet. Rico tried for a takedown but Lopez stopped that and pushed Rico against the fence. Rico tried to pull guard with Lopez standing over him ending the round.
    In the second round, Rico came out more aggressive landing some strikes but Lopez countered. Lopez landed a combination that dropped Rico, Lopez followed him to the ground trying to finish the fight but the bell sounds ending the round.
    Lopez is landing harder punches but can’t put Rico away. Rico is getting comfortable striking but eats some hard strikes. He tried for a lazy takedown but Lopez kept him at bay and continued to land punches on Rico to end the bout.
    Jesus Lopez gets the unanimous decision win.
    Phuc Vasquez scored a takedown early getting to side mount on Rudy Soto III. Soto continued to work trying to escape while Phuc laid down strikes. Soto striking back from his back, Phuc gets to full mount as the first round ends.
    Soto used effective striking to open the second round but Vasquez scored the takedown and ended up in Soto’s half guard. Both fighters striking from their positions to end the round; a cut opened up over Vasquez’s eye from the striking exchange at the start of the round.
    Soto showing strong striking again but Vasquez had other plans scoring a takedown. he ref took a point away from Vasquez for poking Soto in the eye. Vasquez avoids a quick combination from Soto to get another takedown. Vasquez using ground and pound until the final bell sending it to the judges scorecard.
    Phuc Vasquez gets the decision victory over Rudy Soto III.
    James Miller went for a takedown early picking up Ricardo Rhodes and slamming him into the mat landing in side mount. Miller proceeded to get Rhodes back and sink in a rear-naked choke and getting the win at 1:09 in the first round.
    Devon Chavez came out the more confident striker but Christian Marron tied up for a throw but ended up being reversed by Chavez. Chavez worked from half guard getting full mount using ground and pound to finish the fight in the first round at 1:46.
    In the first fight of the night, Paul Jimenez got a takedown early on Ricky Membreve. Membreve kept trying to escape but Jimenez stuck to him locking in the front choke at 1:48 in the first round.

  • Two Titles decided in less than a minute: 559 Fights 27 Results

    By James Gilliland

    Fresno, Calif. – 559 Fights returned to Valdez Hall for another action packed night of MMA action with the light and bantamweight titles on the line.

    The main event lightweight title fight pitted Evan Solorio against Luis Vargas.

    The fight hit the ground Vargas locked up a triangle/super guard hybrid and Solorio was stuck forcing him to tap out at the 35 second mark. Thus making Vargas the new 559 Fights lightweight champion.

    In the bantamweight title fight, the introductions for the fighters took longer than the actual length of the bout.

    Anthony Torres went for the punches in bunches approach while opponent, Daniel Oseguera, went for a takedown.

    Torres’ flurry floored Oseguera in ten seconds making Torres the new 559 Fights bantamweight champion.

    Art Hernandez sinks in a rear naked choke to Marcel Cyprian getting the win at 2:21 in the first round.

    Carlos Hernandez capitalizes on a fail judo throw by Rafael Hernandez and locks up a rear naked choke and the win at 47 seconds in the first round.

    Eugene Cancino earns a tough unanimous decision victory over Ricardo Sanchez.

    Domingo Ramirez makes quick work of Jesse Solorio taking 15 seconds to get the TKO win.

    Bernabe Herrera locks in a quick guillotine choke to submit Justin Land at 1:37 in the second round.

    The first fight of the night to go to the judges’ scorecard, Aaron Warnke gets the unanimous decision win over Rudy Soto.

    In a bantamweight contest, Matthew Beasley showed his toughness by getting hit with some hard punches from Sam Fierro. Midway through the third round Fierro pulls an armbar submitting Beasley at 1:25.

    Victor Rico defeats Patrick Baker with a rear naked choke submission at 1:19 in the first round.

    A clash of heavyweights started the evening as Maurice Jordan overwhelms Tyrell Mayfield and gets him to verbally submit in the second round.

  • Solorio defends 559 Fights strap in Fresno

    Screen Shot 2014 07 10 at 4.21.07 PM 300x219 Solorio defends 559 Fights strap in FresnoFRESNO, Calif. – Evan Solorio makes his long-awaited return to the 559 Fights cage on Friday, July 18th in Fresno at Valdez Hall.
    The current 559 Fights Lightweight Champion defends his amateur mixed martial arts title in the main event of a 15-bout, fight-card against San Jose’s Luis Vargas.
    “Each time out our fight cards continue to get stronger and stronger as the talent level in the Central Valley continues to grow,” 559 Fights President Jeremy Luchau said. “Solorio is one of the most popular champions we’ve ever had, but has missed some time with an injury. I know everyone is as excited as I am to see him compete again.”
    Tickets for this event start at just $20 and can be purchased at the Fresno Convention Center Box Office, Nutrishop Visalia or www.559fights.com. VIP Table and Front Row seating info call 559-813-0307.
    Solorio (5-2) will defend his 155-pound crown for the first time, after winning the vacant title in December 2013 against Armando Perez.
    Vargas (6-2) has won two of his last three bouts by submission and is ranked fifth in the state.
    “These are two of the top lightweights in the state squaring off in what’s become one of the most consistent shows in the state,” Luchau said.
    In the co-main event, Modesto bantamweight Daniel Oseguera (4-2) takes on Exeter’s Anthony Torres (7-2) for the vacant 135-pound 559 Fights Championship.
    “Our first-ever title was fought at 135 pounds and I’m excited to have that title back on the line for this event,” Luchau said. “Oseguera and Torres have both put in a lot of work and are state ranked. I couldn’t think of a better title fight right now.”
    Former 559 Fights Welterweight Champion Art Hernandez (9-3) of Fresno will make his lightweight debut against Bakersfield’s Marcel Cyprian (6-1-1).
    “Hernandez and Cyprian is another example of two guys that are making some adjustments in their weight to get the best possible fight available,” Luchau said. “Hernandez is a Top 10 Welterweight and Cyprian is a Top 10 Featherweight.”
    Kerman’s Leo Cantu (9-3-1) will make his light heavyweight debut against Madera’s Chris Huerta (6-8).
    Also on the card are two pivotal flyweight contests, as Fresno’s Eugene Cancino (3-0) takes on Fresno’s Ricardo Sanchez (2-0) and Bakersfield’s Rafael Hernandez (5-2) fights Carlos Hernandez (3-3).
    In other bouts;
    -Escalon featherweight Steve Ronneberg (2-1) vs. Farmersville’s Juan Campos (3-1).
    -Hanford lightweight Jesse Solorio (0-0) vs. Coalinga’s Domingo Ramirez (1-0).
    -Selma lightweight Bernabe Herrera (1-0) vs. Mariposa’s Justin Land (1-0).
    -Visalia bantamweight Aaron Warnke (2-1) vs. Huron’s Rudy Soto (1-1).
    -Fresno lightweight Bryant Franklin (1-1) vs. Stockton’s Anthony Taylor (0-1).
    -Selma bantamweight Sam Fierro (1-0) vs. Madera’s Matthew Beasley (0-0).
    -Fresno welterweight Patrick Baker (0-0) vs. Ridgecrest’s Victor Rico (0-0).
    -Fresno heavyweight Maurice Jordan (0-1) vs. Lemoore’s Tyrell Mayfield (0-3).
    -Fresno light heavyweight James Porter (0-0) vs. Hanford’s Joseph Longoria (0-6).

  • 559 Fights returns to Fresno this Friday

    559 june13 web 225x300 559 Fights returns to Fresno this FridayFresno, Calif. – This Friday amateur mixed martial arts action returns to Valdez Hall in Fresno with 559 Fights.

    Central California’s premier amateur fight promotion holds it’s 27th event and brings some of the best local MMA competition to downtown Fresno.

    “We love being able to bring MMA to downtown Fresno and feature some of the best in local amateur talent,” 559 Fights President Jeremy Luchau said. “We are closing in on another sellout show, featuring three title fights and 28 of the best athletes in our area.”

    Tickets for the 14-bout card start at just $20 and can be purchased at the Fresno Convention Center Box Office, Nutrishop Visalia and online at www.559fights.com.

    VIP Table, Front Row and Sponsorship information please contact 559 Fights President Jeremy Luchau at 559-813-0307.

    In the main event, Fresno featherweight James Spear (5-7-1) takes on Sacramento’s Joseph Morales (6-0-1) and in the co-main event Fresno welterweight Garret Marks (3-0) battles Visalia’s Armando Perez (4-1).

    “We put together a pretty solid main and co-main event. A lot of people are talking about these two fights,” Luchau said. “But we also have a couple other fights on the card that could really headline in other card in the Valley this year.”

    559 Fights Flyweight Champion Manuel Ruiz makes his return to action against San Bernardino’s Carlos Garcia.

    Ruiz will defend his title for the third time and carries a No. 2 State ranking and 7-0-1 record into the bout with Garcia (2-1, ranked No. 5).

    “Ruiz is probably the hardest fighter to book fights for,” Luchau said. “I’m really pumped to see him get back into the cage and on short notice against a highly ranked fighter like Garcia.”

    Also featured is a pair of featherweight showdown betweens the undefeated Selma prospect Archie Tovar (4-0) and Bakersfield’s Marcel Cyprian (5-1-1) and Farmersville’s Jesse Ledesma (3-1) and Parlier’s Juan Diaz (2-0).

    “The featherweight class is loaded with talent right now. I think that we are displaying some of the best talent in the state right now,” Luchau said. “These guys have two losses against 14 wins between the four fighters. I’d say that’s a pretty talented group.”

    In other bouts;

    -Fresno bantamweight Anthony Martinez (0-1) vs. Visalia’s Aaron Warnke (2-1).

    -Delano bantamweight Alex Renteria (0-0) vs. Selma’s Sam Fierro (0-0).

    -Fresno welterweight Julio Lopez (2-0) vs. Modesto’s Jesus Lopez (0-0).

    -Fresno featherweight Jimmy Ang (2-4) vs. Fresno’s Hugo Lopez (1-4).

    -Fresno cruiserweight Tyler Benard (1-0) vs. San Leandro’s Amir Lacy (3-0).

    -Fresno lightweight Bryant Franklin (1-0) vs. Visalia’s Fabian Luevano (2-3-1).

    -Delano lightweight Jefferson Banaag (0-0) vs. Coalinga’s Domingo Ramirez (0-0).

    -Escalon lightweight Steve Ronneberg (1-1) vs. Delano’s Chris Marron (0-0).

    -Fresno middleweight Patrick Baker (0-0) vs. Kingsburg’s Julio Garcia (2-1).